I hope you find yourself. I hope you turn it all around.

In another installment of Paradise Fears lyric art, a quote from Sanctuary.

"Find a cure for a heart that’s failing.." 
A Conversation With Sam Miller
  • A person: So you are in Paradise Fears right?
  • Sam Miller: yeah yeah
  • A person: You like Brendan Urie?
  • Sam Miller: yeah yeah
  • A person: The sky is blue, right?
  • Sam Miller: yeah yeah
  • A person: Are you wearing mustard colored clothing?
  • Sam Miller: yeah yeah
  • A person:
  • Sam Miller:
  • A person:
  • Sam Miller: yeah yeah
Photo cred: Jade Van Kley

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Could I get a ship?
Basically, I love music, writing, drawing and reading. I’m really weird and kind of a smart ass. I’m basically always myself, but I get really shy and awkward easily. I love to have long conversations. Sorry it’s long. (:
Of course! I love the pink in your hair! I ship you with…
allisonlovespf said: Shipping: Just use my profile pic:) 1. I'm helpful. I'm pretty weird. and I'm pretty sweet, unless you get on my bad side:) And for the one shot me and Sam please? :)

Then I was like:

You are so pretty :) I ship you with…



ALSO I am working one shots and they will be posted on Friday! If you don’t mind, just send me another ask about the one shot so I don’t forget :) 

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1. I love paradise fears (duh)

2.I dance

3.  I like the beach

I don’t know if you can see that picture haha


Definitely Cole Andre!